Airport Operating Hours

Normal Operating Hours

Monday to Friday Local Time 0800-1800 (UTC 0700-1700)

Saturday to Sunday  Local Time 0900-1800 (UTC 0800-1700)

On Request Operating Hours

Monday to Friday Local Time 0600-0759 (UTC 0500-0659) and Local Time 1801-2300 (UTC 1701-2200)

Saturday and Sunday Local Time 0800-0859 (UTC 0700-0759) and Local Time 1801-2100 (UTC 1701-2000).

Outside of these hours (unless on request or an emergency flight) their will be no airport services, including any means of alerting the emergency services.  Access to and from the aerodrome is restricted. Emergency Flights H24 by prior arrangement.

Bank Holidays

The airport will be open between Local Time 09:00 - 18:00, with the exception of Christmas day and New Year's day were the airport will be closed.  For details on when The Apron is closed please refer to the The Apron web page for further details.

For further details please contact the Airport Manager Tel +44 (0)1777 838521 Ext.5 or click here to email us