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At our airport we offer both Avgas and Jet A1. We have two fuel bowsers allowing us to deliver the fuel directly to where you have parked without the need for queuing or delay. We can also offer pressurised and hot re-fuelling upon request.

Aircraft Hangarage

Our aircraft hangars are some of the best in general aviation. They are robust and secure with 24/7 security and CCTV located in every hangar. Our trained ramp team can have your aircraft tugged out and on a stand before you arrive with only 1 hours notice.

Outside Parking

We have the best of both worlds. Here we have the facility to park aircraft both on grass and tarmac. For no extra cost we have chocks place strategically throughout the airport for you to use.

Fire Cover

We offer Category 1 fire cover and Category 2 upon request. Our Fire team receive up to date training from the International Fire Training Centre in Teeside. We do this to provide the highest possible standards in our emergency response.

Handling Agent

Contrail are our on site handling agent who have over 40 years experience in dealing with our business clients and private aircraft. For more information please feel free to contact them on 01777 838955.

Aircraft Engineering

DEA offers extensive maintenance and engineering capabilities from Retford Gamston Airport and via a network of service providers around the world. For more details visit https://dea.aero/ or call them on 01777 838731.

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About the Company

About Us?

Since acquiring the airport in 1993, Gamston Aviation Ltd has carried out a continuous programme of improvements to the facilities. These comprise, complete runway resurfacing, improved taxiways, hard standing and tie down areas. In addition, the amount of hangar space has more than doubled and a new elevated control tower and fire station constructed. Office facilities for rental, have also been added to accomodate complimentary on-site businesses.

These together with our new catering facility and efficient re-fuelling, provide a modern and attractive general aviation terminal for the basing or stop-over for corporate and private aircraft.

As a winner of the AOA Aerodrome of the year award, our philosophy is to bring the service and standards of major airports to the general aviation industry, without delays or costs.

Gamston airport was originally built as a Royal Air Force aerodrome with three runways in a triangular configuration (of which only one remains in common usage), and came into service in December 1942. It was part of the RAF Training Command as well as a satellite to RAF Ossington, 8 mi (13 km) to the south. In May 1943 the field was transferred to 93 Group, Bomber Command Training.

In June the same year No. 82 Operational Training Unit arrived with Wellington Mk. III and Mk. X bombers, Miles Martinets (used as target tugs) and Hawker Hurricanes. A year later the unit became No. 86 Operational Training Unit with a new role; night training for Wellington bomber crews.

By October 1944, Gamston was transferred to No. 7 Group, Bomber Command. A month later No. 3 Aircrew School transferred from RAF Shepherds Grove.

1945 saw the disbanding of No. 3 Aircrew School and the arrival of No. 30 Operational Training Unit transferred from RAF Hixon, Staffordshire with more Wellington bombers. After the end of World War II all training ceased and the airfield was closed.

In May 1953 Gamston reopened as a satellite for nearby RAF Worksop and 211 Advanced Flying School (later No. 4 Flying Training School) was based there, flying Gloster Meteors and de Havilland Vampires.

The airport is today owned and operated by Gamston Aviation Limited which purchased the operation in July 1993.

Between closing in 1945 and re-opening in 1953, some motor racing took place in 1950 and 1951, organised by the Nottinghamshire Sports Car Club. It would appear that motor racing first took place at Gamston on 7 August 1950 on a 2-mile track. Main event of this meeting was a non-championship Formula One race in its inaugural season, which was won by David Hampshire in a Maserati 4CLT-48. He also set the fastest lap at 74.4sec (96.77mph). On 19 August 1950, Formula One made its second and last (non-championship) appearance for the 1st Sheffield Telegraph Trophy, which was won by Cuth Harrison driving an ERA. However, the following year, huge crowds attended meetings on Whit Monday (14 May 1951), and ‘Autosport’ of 27 July 1951 carried a report of a meeting run the previous weekend by the Sheffield & Hallamshire Motor Club. Reference was also made to improved amenities. Proceedings opened with a couple of sport car races over five laps on a shorter 1.9 miles circuit. The first of which saw Colin Chapman winning in one of his Lotus. Main event of the day was the 50-lap Formula Libre race, won by Bob Gerard in his 2-litre ERA who led from flag to flag. His only opposition appears to have come from Dennis Poore’s Alfa Romeo until it had plug troubles. Lap times were around 77secs, indicating a lap speed of close to 90mph. For his efforts Gerard won the golden ’Kenning Trophy’.

Why racing ceased in 1951 is unclear but perhaps, there were strong rumours of the return of the Royal Air Force.

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Our Handling Agent
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