Upgrades at Gamston Airport

Construction at Gamston Airport

Gamston Airport has been operating as a much-valued General Aviation facility for over 30 years, providing support and facilities for private flyers as well as local businesses.


The airport is now entering an exciting new era and has been under new ownership since December 2021, by automotive testing and research organisation, Thatcham Research.


The ambition for the site is to create a centre of excellence for future mobility solutions, where aviation and automotive will coexist in a ‘dual-operations’ environment.


The aerodrome received substantial upgrades and improvements between June to September 2022. With the first phase focused on ensuring the continued safe operation of aviation with upgrades to the main runway, markings and runway lighting, as well as development of part of the site for vehicle technology testing and safety research.



  • Runway upgrades: new markings, AGL
  • Resurfacing works
  • Airfield lighting upgrades
  • New signage
  • Tarmacking of Peri-track to support dual-operations
  • Expansion of aircraft parking availability
  • Repairs to hangar roofs


Whilst this phase of the construction is complete, the site will continue to receive further investment and improvements.

Introduction to Dual Operations

The first stage of dual operations trials will commence during November and December 2022. These trials, which do not involve actual vehicle testing are designed to enable Gamston Aviation Ltd and Thatcham Research teams to test the provisional procedures which have been drafted to safely facilitate dual operations.


These trials will not affect the airports published, opening hours in any way.


With effect from 7 November 2022, the Thatcham Research track team will be based at Gamston Airport. From this date, you may notice an increase in the number of staff on site who will begin the process of familiarisation with the aerodrome and its operations.


Once established, the intention is to begin the dual operation trials in various locations across the Airport. The trials taking place will not prevent the use of the aerodrome however, it will restrict access to certain locations whilst some specific trails are undertaken. For example, your aircraft may be parked in a different location when you arrive or, taxiway bravo may be closed temporarily.


The overall impact on users is minor. The latest information will be displayed on the reception area notice boards and will advise of day-to-day activities and any possible restricted areas. Where necessary, a NOTAM will also be issued.


We’re confident that any inconveniences for users will be kept to an absolute minimum. While we will do everything that we can to maintain our levels of service, please continue to provide appropriate advance notice of your requests, especially aircraft tugging. It will be important to check the notice boards and NOTAMs for the latest information upon your arrival at the Airport.


When visiting the airport over the upcoming weeks, please be vigilant when walking airside, especially during periods of increased activity. If you require assistance, please speak to a member of staff.